Surf School

Learn surfing at Lacanau Ocean, France


The Aola Surf School was founded in 2007 in Lacanau.

It was born from the desire for Christian Maina, surfer for 28 years and surfing instructor for 15 years, to realize his desire to teach its own concept of surfing in a structure in his image.

  • Fun and Safety

    The school is located at the foot of grating the south beach of Lacanau Ocean, just behind the MNS post and unhurried after one minute you are on the wave!
    Here you can begin and evolve the best conditions of peace and security in more space for your enjoyment.

  • Pedagogy and family atmosphere

    Teaching surfing according Aola surf school is a progressive pedagogy, adapted to the age and level of each student, and very safe.
    Aola Surf School offers a friendly increasingly rare in today's surf schools, favoring a small structure that offers a friendly and family atmosphere.

  • In the best conditions

    Aola Surf School organizes surfing lessons and courses depending on wave conditions and tidal schedules for learning for beginners and very young at the water's edge or taking wave off as soon as possible depending on the level of each.

  • Report and Refund

    In case of bad sea, where it is impossible to ride, lessons are postponed or alternatively, replaced by a more theoretical approach of surf and ocean (tides, wave formation, baïnes ...) or refund.

Aola Surf School : Quality courses

Since its creation and thanks to the design of teaching surfing by Christian, Aola gained popularity, raised and our students we remain loyal year after year, and we recommend!

How can we ensure the complete satisfaction of our interns?
Everything starts with a super friendly atmosphere. You get your feet in the sand, dynamic monitors and great fun await you, equip you and go in 2 minutes you are on the beach. Then surf teachers do not stay on the beach for the duration of the course, they are present in the water with the trainees. Finally, they choose the spot depending on the tide for maximum security, and that makes all the difference.

We're not here for trainees, still stagiares and increasingly interns , we often have to turn people to keep a limited number of students in each group. To not that happens, consider book now !